Village Show Rules and Regulations


Entry fees. Adult Classes – 20p per entry. Children’s classes – 10p per entry.

No more than two entries per exhibitor are allowed in any one class and entries not conforming to the wording of the schedule will be disqualified.

The Secretary must receive entry forms by the Preceding Monday. Entries received after this closing date cannot be accepted.

Horticultural entries (except those for classes 18, 19 and 20) must have been grown by the exhibitor and have been in his/her possession for not less than one month before the day of the Show.  The Committee may inspect any garden before the Show to ensure that this is so.  Exhibitors should provide their own trays, dishes, glasses etc.

Handicraft entries shall not previously have been entered for competition at Austwick Show. The dimensions of the exhibit should be noted on the entry form.

Children’s entries will be accepted from children aged 16 years and under. Spelling will be taken into account in the handwriting classes. The adult entry fee is payable by children entering adult classes.

Children’s entries must be marked with the child’s age on the day of the Show.

The Show

Entries will be accepted from 9am and must be staged, under the direction of a Steward, by 11am and remain until 4pm. The showroom will be cleared of all persons except the judges, stewards and secretary at 11am when judging will begin.

Exhibits remain the responsibility of the owner at all times.

Points and cash prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st prize – 3 points –  £1
2nd prize – 2 points – 50p
3rd prize – 1 point – 25p

The judges may withhold or diminish the prizes (which are to be taken as awarded).

Cups and Trophies are tenable for one year and are the responsibility of the recipients until returned to the Secretary one week before the Show the following year

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