Settle and District Aid In Sickness Fund

Quoted from the Austwick Parish Council Website.

This  is a charity operating in the Settle area, including Austwick, which makes grants to people who are sick and suffering some financial difficulties as a result. In particular, the Fund may help with:

(1) The supply of bedding, comforts, food, fuel and medical or other aids.

(2) Grants for the benefit of persons who are sick, infirm, convalescent or in need of rest or change of air to defray the expenses of recuperative holidays or of obtaining domestic help.

Put simply, what this means is that the Fund may help practically, for instance by lending mobility aids, or financially by helping with costs for a carer or patient to take a break. Anything in fact which would ease the burden of illness.

The Austwick representative for the Fund is:

Councillor Robert Cooksley
Telephone: 015242 51235

If you feel that you can benefit from the Fund or if you are aware of someone who may benefit, please contact Robert Cooksley, who will deal with all the necessary formalities.