Village Show – Guidance Notes For Novice Exhibitors

Read the schedule, including the rules, carefully. If anything is unclear contact the Secretary. Ensure that the entry form is complete and observe the deadline for entries. Watch the “old hands” and, above all, enjoy the day.

Preparation and Presentation of Produce

Uniformity of the specimens constituting the exhibit is important. Allow time for staging. Make sure the entry labels are placed correctly and that the number of exhibits is correct.


Cut in the evening or early morning. Handle as little as possible and protect from draughts and bright sun. Remove lower leaves and immerse stems up to their necks in water until the last minute. On staging, trim off any damaged leaves or flowers.


Pick as late as possible.

Currants (and similar) are shown with the strings intact and Berries with their stalks.


  • Potatoes should be equally matched and free from blemishes.
  • Cut leaves of Root Vegetables to approx 75mm (3”) and tie with raffia.
  • Cut Beans and Peas with about 25mm of stalk.
  • Cut Cabbages and Cauliflower with about 75mm of stem (except for collections)
  • Trim leaves of Calabrese and Cauliflowers to the level of the outer curd.
  • Celery roots are trimmed to leave a pointed butt-end.
  • Lettuce roots (intact) are washed, wrapped in moist tissue and enclosed in a polythene bag.
  • Courgettes may be staged with or without flowers but Cucumber flowers must be intact.
  • Dry Garlic bulbs and trim the stems to 25mm (1”).
  • Tie or whip the tops of Onions or Shallots with colourless raffia and trim the roots back to the base plate. Roots of Salad Onions are left intact. Shallots are staged on dry sand.
  • Tomatoes, ripe but firm and with their calyces attached, are exhibited on a plate.


Exhibits usually need to be named. Label as requested in the schedule. Labels on Preserves, Wine, Jam etc. should include the date made.

A waxed disc on top of Jam is essential. If re-using a commercial jar cover the manufacturer’s name/log

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