Ukraine Needs Your Help

What an incredible couple of days! Thank you to everyone for their donations and to the wonderful volunteers who have helped to sort and deliver two massive vans full of items. The photos are taken at The Good Shepherd centre in Keighley. I took £1025.00 raised there tonight and was welcomed and shown their centre in action. They are truly amazing. Michelle (Cross Leigh Store & Post Office)

Van loads at Austwick Parish Hall
Busy times

Clapham and Austwick Homes for Ukrainians. Following a well-attended and positive public meeting last Saturday some residents have signed up to offer hospitality to Ukrainian families and others are offering to support them in various ways. To help facilitate this support we have set up a Clapham and Austwick Homes for Ukrainians Facebook group, an email mailing list and an online survey form for people to say what support they can offer. To sign up and for more details please click the link to the Facebook group:

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