First LGBT Pride in the Dales









A usual Friday night get together in the Gamecock pub  “let’s have a picnic” someone suggests then 3 pints later the oak tree has burst, and on Saturday 19th September it went into full bloom. 
Austwicks first fund raising LGBT pink picnic pride could not have been blessed with finer weather. 
Over 100 people attended the fund raising day with the youngest being a babe in arms to the oldest being the grand old age of 103. 
It was clear from the onset that this was going to be a fun day and boy was it fun. Straight, gay, old and young, locals and visitors from further afield spent the afternoon basking in the sun, eating drinking and soaking up the incredibly relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 
“This is the best day I’ve had in an age” was heard to be said several times and the visitors were also kind with their spending. 
Stalls selling object d’art, handmade glassware, art and vintage fabrics did a roaring trade with a percentage of their profits all going into the pot. Raffle and tombola added to the fairground feel and the “Ferrero Rocher” eating competioin was nothing short of hilarious. 
But the star of the day had to be the dog show. With full classes from the serious to the downright ridiculous it drew the attention of everyone there. 
But despite the fun and frivolity there was a serious side to the days event and that was to save lives if needed. 
As a new resident to the village I was made aware when I had to take my partner to the hospital at midnight how isolated we are, so the idea of raising money for a public defibrillator was simple sense, and guess what, “WE DID IT” 
£1600.00 was raised, just enough for the cost of this life saving machine which will be located outside the Parish Hall. Lets hope it’s never needed but at least we can sleep at night safe in the knowledge there is help close at hand. 
Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone who helped, attended and spent their much needed money, it couldn’t have been done without you 
“Fun Dog Show”
                                                                                                                                           at Austwick’s 1st Pink Picnic on Saturday,19th September, 2015.
A glorious sunny afternoon with clear blue skies over Austwick village saw exhibitors with their dogs queuing long before the registration time of 12.45pm. to enter their beloved four legged friends into their respective classes, all eager to take home a rosette in memory of a fabulous afternoon.
We had 25 dogs in all, making 97 entries for the 9 fun classes, and then a “Best in Show” too.
The standard was high, the competition was keen, but most of all, everyone had fun in the sun, and a total of £111.50. was raised from the event too.
My main winners were:-
Best in Show ………………….….Duncan with “Rocco”
Reserve Best in Show………..Tina with “Molly”
and my class winners were :-
1.        Puppy Romp (2 entries)
1. Charley
2. Toby
2.        Prettiest Bitch (17 entries)
1. Pepperoni
2. Abi
3. Amber
3.       Most Handsome Dog (7 entries)
1. Alfie
2. George
3. Baxter
4.       Best Veteran (8 entries)
1. Tilly
2. Bea
3. Molly
5.       Best Junior Handler (4 entries)
1. Toby
2. Charley
3. Alfie
4. George
6.       Best Biscuit Catcher (17 entries)
1. Roy
2. Skye
3. Bluey
7.       Waggiest Tail (15 entries)
1. Jippy
2. Bella
3. Poppy
8.       Dog the judge would most like to take home (21 entries)
1. Molly
2. Jippy
3. Charley
9.       The “Campest” dog with owner to match (6 entries)
1. Rocco
2. Charley
3. Patch
4. Bonnie
        5. Bella
6. Molly
I sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did, and my personal thanks to Alec Deary for the judging appointment to help raise funds for such a worthy cause ……….
…all of the dogs were very well behaved, and most of their owners were too !!!!!!!!!!
My Thanks to you all.
Mrs Christine Hartland…Judge.
“Fairleedale Beagles”

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