2010 Village Show Results

                                      Austwick Village Show   A G M  2010


The Annual General meeting of the Austwick Village Show was held on Tuesday 30th November 2010. Officers were elected as follows:


President: B Procter, Vice President: M Hird, Chairman: C Vaughan-Williams, Vice Chairman:

P Smith, Secretary: S Dewhirst, Treasurer: J Huck


Committee: A Dyson, S Fawcett, G Gooch, P Grimes,  S Harrison, K Jowett, K Morphet, J Musgrave,

T Metcalfe, M Preston, F Southworth, C Teller.


The Secretary reported that membership of the Association in 2010 was encouraging and that entry numbers for last year’s show were pleasing with entries in most adult classes showing an increase. It was particularly encouraging to see several new entrants, either new to the show or returning after a few years absence. However, there was a slight decrease in numbers in the children’s section with seven less entries this year which could be explained by family holidays or fewer entries from the school.


The Treasurer reported a healthy financial balance. Sponsors and advertisers were thanked for their continued support.


Membership subscriptions will become due when placing entries for the show.  Subscriptions are currently £2 for an individual member, which includes 11 entries for the adult classes and £4 for family membership, which includes 11 entries for adults and 22 for children.


The show this year will take place on Saturday August 6th and the outline schedule is below. The full schedule will be available in June/July. To get you thinking we have already chosen the themes for some classes and hope you will start your preparations early.


This year we have decided to change the age limit of the children’s section from 16 to 14 years of age. It is important that you read the instructions and rules carefully as the judges have the authority to disqualify any entries that are ‘not according to schedule’.




Flower Section


  1. 1.               4 Roses (individual stems)
  2. 2.               3 Roses – one bud, one half open and one fully open
  3. 3.               4 Garden pinks- any variety
  4. 4.               4 Pansies or violas
  5. 5.               4 Pot marigolds (Calendula)
  6. 6.               4 French or African marigolds
  7. 7.               4 Dahlias
  8. 8.               4 Phlox
  9. 9.               9 Spikes sweet peas

10.               A container (max. ht. 8”) of sweet peas

11.               A vase of hardy annuals

12.               A vase of hardy perennials

13.               A flowering house plant

14.               A house plant grown for its foliage

15.               A cactus or succulent plant


Artistic Flower Section


16.              A bowl of roses

17.              A bowl of nasturtiums

18.              An arrangement of garden flowers with foliage (max. 24” overall)

19.              A single colour arrangement (may include fruit &/or vegetables) (max. 24” overall)

20.              A theme arrangement : ‘A Night Out’ (max. 24” overall)

21.               A petite arrangement (max. 9” overall)

22.               Novice class: An arrangement in a cup and saucer (max.18x 18”)

 (For those not previously having won first place)


Vegetable and Fruit Section

23.               4 White potatoes  (any variety)

24.               4 Coloured potatoes  (any variety)

25.               A dish of 2 white & 2 coloured potatoes (any variety)

26.               3 Onions

27.               7 Shallots

28.               3 Carrots

29.               3 Beetroot

30.               6 Pods of peas (podding)

31.               6 Pods mange toute / snap peas

32.               6 Pods of broad beans

33.               6 Pods of French beans

34.               6 Pods of runner beans

35.               2 Courgettes (any variety)

36.               1 Cauliflower

37.               1 Cabbage

38.               1 Lettuce  (any variety)

39.               A selection of salad leaves

40.               1 Cucumber

41.               4 Ripe tomatoes (>1” diameter)

42.               6 Ripe cherry tomatoes (<1” diameter)

43.               1 Flower and 1 vegetable

44.               4 Distinct vegetables on a tray (max dimension 24”)

45.               Up to 6 culinary herbs (not in flower)

46.               A saucer of one variety soft fruit

47.               A collection of up to 4 varieties of soft fruits

48.               Any vegetable or fruit not included elsewhere


(Exhibits in classes51-53 will be eligible for the Brooke Cup; one egg will be broken in order to judge the contents)

Egg Section


49.               3 Hen eggs

50.               3 Bantam eggs

51.               3 Hen eggs

52.               3 Bantam eggs

53.               3 Eggs from any other poultry

Handicraft section


54.                A landscape painting in any medium

55.               A painting in any style

56.               A drawing : ‘Aspects of Water’

57.               A drawing of any other subject

58.               4 Non-digital photographs on a theme  

59.               4 Digital photographs on a theme

60.               A single photograph: ‘ England, My England’ (Malcolm Bowker Trophy)

61.               A piece of hand-made jewellery

62.               A hand made bag





63.               A canvas-work item (e.g. tapestry)

64.               A cross-stitch item

65.               A knitted item/garment

66.               Any other needlework

67.               Any item not included elsewhere in this section

Cookery Section


68.               A hand-made seeded loaf

69.               A machine-made loaf of any shape or variety

70.               4 shortbread biscuits

71.               4 fruit scones

72.               3 muffins

73.               4 brownies

74.               4 Eccles cakes

75.               A gingerbread

76.               Recipe Item  – Jam and cream filled sponge sandwich (recipe in schedule)

77.               A vegetarian savoury dish (named)

78.               A cold sweet (named)

79.               A fruit pie (crust top &bottom)

80.               A jar of jam

81.               A jar of fruit jelly

82.               A jar of marmalade

83.               A jar of lemon curd

84.               A bottle of homemade cordial or non-alcoholic drink

85.               A bottle of home-made wine or liqueur (labelled)

86.               A jar of pickle

87.               A jar of chutney

88.               Men Only Class : A decorated chocolate cake


Children’s Section


89.               Artwork, children under 5 years

90.               A decorated paper plate, children under 5 years

91.               Artwork, 5-6 years

92.               Artwork, 7-8 years

93.               Artwork, 9 years and over

94.               Handwriting, 8-11 years – My Best Friend’

95.               A free-style poster advertising the Olympic Games  (i.e. not using a computer)

96.               A rubbing  (max A4 size)

97.               A photograph taken by the exhibitor  

98.               A play dough or plasticine breakfast 

99.               A vegetable space ship

100.             A decorated egg

101              A gift-wrapped tissue box, with tag

102              A model made from junk

103               4 chocolate crispies

104               Something I have grown myself

105              A miniature allotment (max. 12” x 18”)


This is a provisional schedule and may differ slightly from the final schedule which will be published in early July.


Austwick Village Show 2010

Despite another wet summer the standard of show entries at Austwick Village Show was extremely high. There were more entries and competitors than last year, which in itself was a record year. It was particularly encouraging to see a number of new entrants, as well as the reappearance of participants who have not entered the show for a number of years.


This year’s results are as follows:

Challenge Trophy for The Best Exhibit in the Show: Mary Creaser. Winifred Mattinson Cup for most points in the Flower Section : Molly Preston. Chapman Trophy for the most points in the Artistic Flower Section : Margaret Hird. Byles Challenge Cup for the best Bowl of Roses : Christine Hill. Preston Cup for most points in the Vegetable Section: Bill Procter. Fred Price Memorial Trophy for the best Potato Exhibit : Bill Procter. Glyn Jones Challenge Cup for the most points in the Handicraft Section : Mary Creaser. Metcalfe Cup for the best Photographic Exhibit : Chris Leeming. Malcolm Bowker Trophy for Photography ( set subject): Sheila Gooch. Brook Cookery Cup for most points in the Cookery Section : Sally Harrison. Foster Beaver Challenge Cup for most points in the combined Produce Sections: Bill Procter. Brook Poultry Cup for the best exhibit in the Egg Section : Luke Harrison.  Nellie Price Memorial Cup for the most points in the Children’s Section : Alec Christie. Brook Handwriting Cup (8-10 years) : Luke Harrison. Sharples Cup for the best exhibit  in the Children’s Section : Alec Christie.

Flower Section:

3 roses at different stages: 1. K Morphet 2. P Broadhead   4 garden pinks: 1. D Swale 2. P Broadhead  4 pansies or violas: 1. R Pettiford 2. F Southworth  4 pot marigolds: 1. D Swale 2. F Southworth   4 French or African marigolds: 1. D Dewhirst 2. J Musgrave 4 dahlias: 1 & 2. K Morphet  4 phlox: 1. S Gooch 2. B Procter  9 spikes sweet peas: 1. B Procter  A container of sweet peas: 1. C Vaughan-Williams  2. R Pettiford A vase of hardy annuals: 1. M Preston  2. F Southworth  A vase of hardy perennials: 1. D Dewhirst 2. F Southworth

A flowering house plant:1. P Broadhead 2. M Southworth  A house plant grown for its foliage: 1. M Preston 2. S Gooch  A growing garden: 1 & 2.  M Preston

Best in Section: Molly Preston, vase of hardy annuals

Artistic Flower Section:

A bowl of roses: 1. C Hill 2. K Morphet A bowl of nasturtiums:1. D Dewhirst 2. D Candlin  An arrangement of garden flowers with foliage: 1. M Hird 2. E Thornton An arrangement, “Shades of Green”: 1. M Hird 2. E Thornton A themed arrangement “A Fairy Tale”: 1. M Preston 2. E Thornton A modern arrangement: 1. M Preston 2. M Hird Novice Class “In a shoe”: 1 & 2.  S Gooch

Best in Section: Margaret Hird, “Shades of Green”

Vegetable and Fruit Section:

4 white potatoes:1 & 2. B Procter  4 coloured potatoes: 1 & 2 B Procter A dish of 2 white & 2 coloured potatoes: 1 & 2. B Procter  3 Onions: 1. M Pettiford 2. B Procter

7 Shallots: 1 & 2.C Vaughan-Williams 3 carrots: 1. T Fillingham  2. M Preston  3 beetroot: 1. K Jowett 2. M Southworth  6 pods of peas: 1. B Procter 2. S Chapman  6 pods mange tout / snap peas:1. C Vaughan-Williams   6 pods of broad beans: 1. I Russell 2. B Procter  6 pods of French beans: 1. B Procter 2. C Vaughan-Williams  6 pods of runner beans: 1. S Dewhirst 2. M Southworth  2 courgettes: 1. S Cooksley 2. J Butler 1 cauliflower: 1. B Procter  1 cabbage: 1. B Procter 2. M Pettiford  1 lettuce: 1. B Procter  2. M Pettiford A selection of salad leaves: 1. C Vaughan-Williams 2. M Pettiford 1 cucumber: 1. B Procter 2. M Preston  6 ripe cherry tomatoes: 1. P Smith 2. S Dewhirst 1 flower and 1 vegetable: 1. B Procter 2. M Southworth  4 distinct vegetables on a tray: 1. B Procter 2. M Pettiford  Up to 6 culinary herbs: 1. B Procter 2. F Southworth  A saucer of one variety soft fruit: 1. B Procter 2. C Vaughan-Williams Up to 4 soft fruits: 1. M Southworth 2. C Vaughan-Williams Any vegetable or fruit not included elsewhere: 1. S Chapman  2. B Procter.

Best in Section: Sue Dewhirst, Runner beans


Egg Section:

3 hen eggs: 1. C Ellison 2. S Chapman 3 bantam eggs: 1. C Vaughan-Williams 2. F Southworth 3 hen eggs including contents:1. L Harrison 2. S Cooksley : 3 bantam egg including contents:1. F Southworth

Best in Section: Luke Harrison, 3 hen eggs (contents)

Handicraft Section:

A still life painting: 1. K Hewgill A painting in any medium: 1. M Clarke 2. P Smith A drawing of a building: 1 & 2. P Smith A drawing of any subject: 1. S Edwards 2.K Hewgill 4 non-digital photographs:1 & 2. P Smith 4 digital photographs on a specific theme: 1. C Leeming 2. S Gooch Photographs –  “Landscape”: 1. S Gooch 2. J Leeming  Hand-made jewellery:1 & 2 M Creaser  A hand-made bag: 1.M Creaser 2. K Hewgill  

A canvas-work item: 1. J Dodgson 2. M Creaser  A cross-stitch item: 1. S Harrison 2. S Wormington  A knitted item:1. C Hooley 2. L Smith  Other needlework:1. K Hewgill 2. M Creaser Any item not included elsewhere in this section: 1. M Creaser 2. I Smith

Best in Section: Mary Creaser, A felt landscape picture

Cookery Section:

Bloomer: 1. S Dewhirst 2. D Dewhirst A machine made loaf: 1. R Hill  2. S Gooch  4 Shrewsbury biscuits: 1. S Harrison 2. K Morphet Four cheese scones: 1. S Harrison 2. C Hill 3 muffins: 1. M James  2 J Butler 4 brownies: 1. C Teller 2. K Smith A Swiss roll: 1. J Huck 2. S Cooksley Lemon drizzle cake: 1. B Braithwaite-Exley 2. C Hill A cold sweet:1. M James 2. S Harrison Recipe item  –  a fruit cake:1. B Braithwaite-Exley 2. S Harrison A vegetarian savoury: 1. J Leeming 2. S Harrison A fruit pie: 1. P Russell 2. S Harrison A jar of jam:1. J Musgrave 2. K Jowett  A jar of jelly: 1.P Smith 2. C Hill A jar of marmalade: 1. P Smith 2. A Moore Jar of lemon curd: 1. P Smith 2. F Southworth  A bottle of homemade wine or liqueur: 1. W Kinch 2. F Southworth  A cordial or non-alcoholic drink: 1. M Southworth 2. S Harrison A jar of chutney: 1.P Smith  2. M Preston Men only : Tea loaf: 1. R Hill 2. P Kinch

Best in Section: Robert Hill, ‘Men only’ tea loaf

Children’s Section:

Artwork, children under school age: 1. S Fillingham 2. I Spensley  Artwork, 5-6 years:1. A Heseltine 2. F Spensley   Artwork, 7-8 years: 1. I Gunn 2. L Harrison Artwork, 9 or more years: 1. A Christie 2. J Davis Handwriting, 8-11 years: 1. L Harrison 2. S Christie   Poster advertising an event: 1. S Christie 2. A Christie  Photograph – any subject: 1.A Christie 2. L Harrison Edible necklace: 1. A Christie 2. S Christie  A model made from junk: 1. A Christie 2. L Harrison A vegetable vehicle: 1. A Christie 2. L Harrison A decorated egg: 1. J Hewgill 2.  L Harrison A rubbing: 1. Luke Harrison 2. A  Christie A Christmas tree decoration: 1. S Christie 2. A Christie A Pizza: 1. L Harrison 2. A Christie ‘Something I have grown myself’:1. G Hopley  2. S Christie  A miniature garden: 1. A Christie  2. L Harrison

Best in Section: Alec Christie, miniature garden

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